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Carrera & Fiorini Social Media Motorworks

Social media has altered the car dealer marketing landscape. It is not enough to have a website anymore, even if it is informational and well managed. You need social media marketing – it is quick, precise, measurable and inexpensive.

Any car dealer can have a social media marketing strategy but not everyone can do it right. Carrera & Fiorini knows how to do it right. The sooner your dealership gets its name and message out on the social network sites, the better. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have fan pages that generate leads, sales and deliver your message to a huge market. Facebook alone claims to have 350 million users – and 50% of them visit it every day. That is not a typo – 350 million! You can brand your dealership over time and increase your sales overnight

Furthermore, a successful automotive social media strategy isn't just about loading inventory or specials to your channels, but actively engaging your customers. C&F's Social Media Motorworks package facilitates this by having the right combination of "automation" and "personal interaction"

That is, we have software that automatically uploads updates such as specials, etc., to your social media channels as well as individuals on the C&F staff that personally engage with shoppers on the social networks.

You have the best of both worlds!

To this end, C&F has created one of the world's first web and social media suite designed for car dealers - C&F's Social Media Motor Works. It's been custom built to suit the needs of the automotive industry, enabling dealers to market to their customers on over 50 social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Flickr, and many others.

How it works:

  • We get dealer information about specials, etc.
  • Our team constantly interacts with shoppers on your social outlets that drives them to your social channels and website.
  • We generate updates from your inventory with links back to your site or landing pages. Our software is flexable enough so that when someone clicks on a link on some social network, we can direct it to go anywhere you wish!
  • The above is then "fed" into our Social Media (SM) Wave software, which then uploads all this content to your social network venues (which can include your blog).
  • Eventually, all this content will get indexed by the search engines, which then drives tons of traffic back to your site!
  • We provide monthly reporting with Summary Analysis of how your venues are performing, including leads, monthly impressions, and fan base growth reports.

C&F Social Media Marketing Makes it Happen for You!