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Unlock the full potential of your business with our conversion-focused approach, backed by 15+ years of experience, ensuring best-in-class results.

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We are your ultimate all-in-one solution, covering everything from digital to traditional marketing and providing the necessary tools to conquer the ever-changing trends.

CF Search Marketing Services

Our Services

  • Free Website Audit & Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Management
  • ShopperID - Audience Data Solution
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CF Search Marketing Services

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Problem Solving Tech


Build your database by capturing the real ID’s of unconverted website visitors.

ShopperID Target Anonymous Visitors
Re-engage With Customized Offers

ShopperID Generate Leads Into Sales
Convert Leads into Sales

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Inventory Insights
Inventory Insights Logo
Success Driven Tech

Inventory Insights

Track & monitor your competitors’ inventory vs. your own.

Inventory Insights Realtime Visability
Real-Time Visibility

Smarter Marketing Decisions

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AdGen Live View
AdGen Powered By CF Search Marketing
Conversion Focused Tech


The most powerful set of analytical & artificial intelligence management programs on the market.

AdGen Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence

AdGen Improved Advertising Performance
Improved Advertising Performance

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Game-Changing Collaboration


Strategic partnerships fuel our company's success by unlocking vast resources and fostering innovation, propelling us to unparalleled achievements in the industry.

CF Search Marketing Partnership - Stellantis
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Volkswagen
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Maserati
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Automotive Standards Council for GA4
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Google
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Microsoft
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Birdeye
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Sprout
CF Search Marketing Partnership - TikTok
CF Search Marketing Partnership - S&P Global
CF Search Marketing Partnership - Meta

Custom Creative & Video


When partnered with our sister company, Carrera Advertising, we use a consultative approach to create branded marketing solutions that connect with your audience, setting you apart from the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose CF Search Marketing as my agency?

CF Search Marketing should be your top choice for our expertise in search engine marketing, commitment to transparent reporting, and a proven track record of delivering measurable results for all of our clients across various industries.

Do you guys do more than just digital marketing?
Our Founders


In 2008, a brother and sister dynamic laid the foundation of CF Search Marketing. Their unparalleled leadership, together with the support of a dedicated team, has driven the company to achieve remarkable success.

Cristina Carrera

Managing Partner, Co-founder

Pierre Fiorini

Managing Partner, Co-founder