Month: July 2024

The Power of Online Video & Streaming: Our Memorial Day Success with Stellantis

As digital marketing continues to evolve, we at CF Search Marketing are witnessing the growing importance of video advertising firsthand. Being a Certified Stellantis Digital Provider since 2013, we’ve recently […]

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Mid-Year Review: Enhancing Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy for 2024

As dealership managers and marketers, it is essential to periodically evaluate your progress and strategize for the remaining months of the year. With the mid-year here, now is the perfect […]

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Navigating the CDK Global Outage: How ShopperID from CF Search Marketing Can Keep Your Dealership Running

CDK Global’s recent cyberattack has left many car dealerships across the U.S. grappling with significant disruptions. Nearly two weeks after the attack, some of CDK’s software services remain non-functional. The […]

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