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Our AdGen suite is one of the most powerful and dynamic sets of management, analytical, and intelligence programs on the market. Learn more below how it can put you ahead of your competition today!


Our proprietary, in-house PPC management system is developed specifically for your dealership's paid search campaigns


Having a relevant landing page is a key part of our strategy for automotive PPC. It provides a boost to quality score, which lowers cost-per-click (CPC)

AdGen CI

Knowledge of your market is crucial in PPC. AdGen CI compares and analyzes keywords, ad copy and ad extensions to improve competitive intelligence

This is how automotive advertising should work... Amazing!

CF Search Marketing’s paid search solution enables car dealers to focus on their core business while achieving the best possible results from their search engine marketing campaigns. CF is a Premier Google Ads Certified Partner, as well as OEM provider for Stellantis (former FCA Group).

We've built a team of PPC strategist experts and industry leading software to make sure we drive
maximum value to Dealers. Our PPC technology, strategies, and intelligence gathering tools make the difference.

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