2024 Dealership Annual Game Plan: 3 Winning Moves for a Successful Year

Dealership Marketing 2024 - Leave the competition behind with a winning annual plan.

With 2023 nearing its final lap, dealership marketing minds are already revving up for the exciting race of 2024. While the checkered flag may seem distant, savvy dealerships know that victory starts with a meticulous pre-race plan, centered on annual planning. Here at CF Search Marketing, your trusted automotive advertising pit crew, we’ve identified three crucial maneuvers to put your dealership in pole position for the coming year:

1. Chart Your Course: Ditch the Pit Stops, Embrace Annual Planning

Gone are the days of scrambling for monthly marketing solutions. The inventory gods have smiled upon us, and it’s time to ditch the short-sighted sprints and embrace a comprehensive annual planning strategy. It all starts with a sales forecast so your budget aligns with historical sales and anticipates fluctuations for seasonality. A set it and forget it approach to marketing will leave you underspending on thrust months and overspending during your slowest times. Remember, preparation is the ultimate pit stop: the less you need to adjust mid-race, the smoother your ride to success.

2. Shift Gears: Navigate the Election Year Crossroads with Streaming TV

Political ads like pesky traffic cones, threatening to slow down your sales momentum? Fear not, innovative marketers! This election year, it’s time to strategically shift gears and reallocate your traditional advertising budget. Don’t let the political buzz drown out your brand’s roar. Craft engaging content that captures leads, and break free from the traditional local channels. Embrace the high-traffic havens of streaming platforms and embrace OTT options. Be the brand that stands out from the political clutter, and watch your leads surge ahead.

3. Rev Up Your Engine: Experimentation is the Key to Leaving the Pack Behind

While tried-and-true tactics deserve their place in the garage, true champions know that innovation is the nitro boost to victory. In 2024, experiment with fresh avenues for lead generation and traffic acquisition. Dive into the energetic world of TikTok lead campaigns, explore the possibilities of Google’s Performance Max, and consider a creative brand refresh to keep your dealership gleaming. Don’t forget to keep your online storefront updated, optimize your SEO for the upcoming Google Search Experience update, and set up GA4 for accurate metrics that help you refine your strategy. Remember, dealerships that embrace change leave the competition in the dust.

Frequently Asked Pit Stops:

Q: My budget is tight. Can I still implement these strategies?
A: Absolutely! Prioritize and adapt. Start with a strong annual plan, then adjust your traditional, digital and experimental tactics based on available resources.

Q: I’m not tech-savvy. How can I navigate GA4 and SEO changes?
A: Partner with a reliable digital marketing agency like CF Search Marketing! We’ll help you navigate the techy terrain and keep your dealership online presence polished. Or check out our YouTube Channel and watch our latest webinars on Google Updates!

Conclusion: Buckle Up for a Thrilling 2024 with Annual Planning

The 2024 dealership marketing landscape might seem like a winding road, but with the right roadmap, you can leave the competition in the dust. Ditch the pit stops of month-to-month scrambling and shift gears into high-octane success with a well-defined annual plan, strategic Streaming TV/OTT maneuvers, and a fearless spirit of experimentation. Don’t just cruise past the checkered flag – dominate the finish line! Schedule a one-on-one with CF Search Marketing or take advantage of our free digital audit. Together, we’ll fuel your dealership’s engine and craft a winning strategy that puts you in pole position for a roaringly successful 2024.