5 Marketing Ideas to emerge from the crowd in 2022

We are all hoping for a better 2022 but as we wished Happy New Year to our friends, family, and customers we were unfortunately already coping with the new reality of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus. As many restrictions are back in place in businesses all across the nation we cannot hold back the feelings of frustration as we approach the second anniversary of the beginning of this worldwide pandemic. But as we have seen before with previous virus’ variants and subsequent lockdowns, the country is resilient and strong in a way that allows us to believe that 2022 can truly be the rebound year that leads us back into the normal state of affairs. 


You guessed it. Social Media is once more at the forefront of (digital) marketing in 2022. Never before have we seen such a pool of prospective customers online all the time, liking, sharing, and uploading content. One of the most powerful tools for car dealerships, social media simply has to be one of the top priorities for marketing managers. Businesses need to publish constant updates, have contact information up to date and reply to customers’ questions as soon as possible. CF Search Marketing offers comprehensive Social Media and Reputation Management services to help you optimize and monitor your profiles and the all-important Social Media Advertising program to maximize your sales with the lowest budget possible. 

On your part, publish stories regularly and set up live sessions where you can show the latest in automotive trends and technology. Even if the times seem rough considering shortages and low inventory, you can still push hard advertising the flexibility of pre-orders and explaining the advantages of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle at your particular dealership.


Whether your parking lot is full of brand new vehicles or you have been suffering from shortages and low inventory, you basically can’t have a brick-and-mortar store without the digital support of Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). GBP is one of the most powerful tools for promoting new inventory, offers, and special events happening at your dealership. Features like Cars for Sale allow you to showcase your new and pre-owned cars directly after a Google search, where customers can also immediately view important contact information, hours of operation, holiday closures and more. And the importance of regularly updating your Google Business Profile cannot be overstated. With CF Search Marketing’s GBP management program our experts will take away the hassle and headache of creating content and optimizing your profile. Start by taking advantage of our free Google Business Profile evaluation.


One truth we can all agree on is that in the digital world everything is moving faster and faster. The very first touchpoint with a lead is becoming increasingly important when you think of how fast we scroll, click, open, and close browsing windows on the web. Some companies hire expensive programmers to try and capture the most elusive leads (a very expensive option). But the solution is much simpler. With ShopperID, one of the newest services offered by CF Search Marketing, you can connect with visitors that have already left your website. Our advanced data matching and AI technology allow us to I.D. customers that would have otherwise vanished once they left the website, and furnish geo-location, contact information, vehicles viewed, and more, which we then send directly to your CRM.

And what to do when customers are traveling farther away and considering other brands when shopping for a vehicle in this new low-inventory reality? The Custom Shopper Watchlist functionality presents shoppers with the ability to be notified when a certain model is in stock, helping you retain loyal customers and effortlessly improving your customer service.


As hinted at in the Social Media section of this article, it is of vital importance to keep customers engaged with Social Media where images and videos play a prominent role. Videos allow you to showcase your models in detail, stressing design, performances, and safety features of each car. But be mindful that the new trend in the industry is short-form videos. While longer videos give you the possibility to take an in-depth look at a vehicle, marketers have learned that highly engaging short videos get more clicks and results as long as the most important information you want to convey is presented clearly and prominently. Investing in short-term videos could unlock new platforms where your business was previously absent or that were underutilized, like Instagram and TikTok, leading to an organic digital growth of your business.


Now more than ever we believe in the importance of community outreach, and the numbers support this trend as highly effective as people strive to go back to a fully normal life routine. At its core, community outreach helps communities function better. As soon as you and your staff are able, make your presence known in the community. A simple booth or table at a local park, where everybody is inclined to feel safe in the open air with social distancing, is often enough to promote your name and demonstrate to the people in your community that you care for everybody’s well-being. Stress this by distributing masks, hand sanitizer and by educating the public on the steps your business is taking to protect employees and customers. Have your team distribute giveaways to incentivize participation in a survey, during which you can collect people’s contact information and preferences. This can quickly become a lead ready for a follow-up call.