Adapting to an ever-changing digital landscape

User privacy on one side, free market and competition on the other. This is one of the most hard-fought battles that involves the titans of the digital marketing industry, regulators and the public. Tensions have been high for quite some time in the ever-changing digital landscape where one decision from a major player could throw the entire industry in turmoil. 

And despite Google announcing a push towards its “privacy sandbox” initiative back in 2019 (transitioning to offering targeted ads while operating in a “set of standards that is more consistent with users’ expectations of privacy”), it seems that every step in the implementation of such a strategy causes a new shakeup among digital marketing experts. 

Concerns on such moves, some of which have major implications for how professionals operate in the digital world, should not push companies that rely on online advertising to change their marketing strategies though.

Behind the scenes, digital marketers are already adapting to changes coming later this year or further on in 2022. Google’s latest move to stop selling ads based on third-party cookies (a technical way of saying that Google will stop offering targeted ads based on the user’s browsing history) has already brought changes to the way marketers measure results and take advantage of the Google Analytics tools. 

Some analysts even suggest that advertisers could actually benefit from the fact that Google will rely exclusively on “first-party” data. This data is collected from users of Google’s own services such as Youtube and Google Search and not from the aforementioned third parties (aka websites that use cookies to track user behavior). 

David Temkin, Google’s Director of Product Management for Ads Privacy and Trust, said in a blog post, “Today, we’re making explicit that once third-party cookies are phased out, we will not build alternate identifiers to track individuals as they browse across the web, nor will we use them in our products.”

Being on top of the industry news, coupled with leveraging long relationships with platforms such as Facebook and Google, has allowed the experts at CF Search Marketing to continuously update the way services are implemented, with minimal impact to clients. This has happened in the 15 years of CF’s history, whether adapting to the use of cookies, new privacy laws, or more in general rapidly exploiting every new update to the many digital platforms, and you can be certain that the same level of professionalism will be pursued in the future as CF Search Marketing continues to build on the successes of its clients.

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