Audiences Captivated by our ShopperID Demo!

Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2021, has come and gone, bringing together professionals from the automotive world in the much anticipated three days networking event. The most important in-person event since the reopening after the Covid pandemic lockdowns has created a buzz that will last at least until the end of the year. As dealerships all over the country are battling low inventory levels and high demand, General Managers are looking ahead, concentrating their efforts on promoting the dealership experience and budgeting around marketing. 

One of the main draws of the meeting was the showcase of many new technologies, particularly in the digital marketing scene, that allow for more flexibility when targeting (and retargeting) audiences that have digitally expressed interest in dealerships’ vehicles.

Among these new technologies was the brand new offering from CF Search Marketing: ShopperID.


Audiences were captivated by our ShopperID demo, demonstrating the full power of retargeting and marketing to shoppers that have already left the dealer’s website. That’s right! We all would like to believe that website visitors are there to close a sale right away, or at least that they would convert into a sale after just one or two visits to the website. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Studies have shown that with so many choices when surfing the web, the number of website visits needed for a consumer to finally purchase a product is rapidly increasing. In the automotive industry, this number has even reached 30 times! This means a lead will visit a dealer’s website many many times before (maybe) converting it into a sale.

Despite the importance of good SEO practices, in order for your website to appear as one of the first results in a search, finding your website atop a search engine’s list is not enough anymore. Shoppers will most likely leave your website, visit OEM websites, 3rd party websites, click on ads, further fall down the internet’s rabbit hole, then hopefully they will return to your dealership’s website and (maybe) convert. Sounds stressing? It is! Even if it all happens behind the scenes.

While you do what you do best … sell cars … leave the business of chasing after your potential customers to us. This “digital chase”, ShopperID, is our newest way we can help you thrive!


Attracting particular attention at our demo station at Digital Dealer, LiveView and the AudienceScore Heatmap are just a few tools dealers can use to visualize the power of ShopperID. With real-time actionable web analytics and reporting, dealers can see, segment and reconnect with individual shoppers that have left the website.

The AudienceScore Heatmap by zip code lets dealers track, score, analyze and target specific audiences and push conversions to a higher level.

As a matter of fact, ShopperID analyzes the consumer’s behavior in real-time and collects data that works with CF Search Marketing’s ad platforms to create and deliver hyper-relevant ads and offers to your leads, with re-engagement rates up to 40%.

ShopperID also integrates with the dealer’s CRM to deliver leads with details such as source, offer(s) received, URL(s) visited, vehicles viewed, location events, and more.

If lead conversion is what you want, ShopperID is the tool you need right now! Contact us for more information and to schedule your virtual demo now!