Become a local market powerhouse with Inventory Insights

Was your dealership used to compete in the “race to the bottom” before the pandemic? Was your team giving away too much inventory at a discount? We all know that the post-pandemic situation has shifted the rules of how we all operate in the automotive industry, leading to innovative ways to make the car sale. From home delivery to remote car buying, we all had to adjust to the new normal. But what about inventory turnaround for car dealers?


This often underrated statistic is actually one of the most critical indicators of a company’s health in the marketplace. But long gone are the times when selling through the existing dealership’s inventory every 30 days was considered the golden ratio. More often than not we are now seeing a race to fill inventory in the first place, with many dealers offering the option to order the vehicle before delivery. 

Struggles with inventory and pandemic-related delays though, do not influence the importance of being relevant in one’s local market. Where are your neighbors shopping for a vehicle? Are they traveling farther to look for their first choice when buying a vehicle?


Staying relevant in a local market is of the utmost importance for any car dealer. Local marketing in a defined area is a must for any automotive marketing professional. But how are you going to decide on the month’s special offers if you are in the dark about a local competitor’s inventory? 

The days of scouring competitors’ websites for changes in their inventory are gone! CF’s new service, Inventory Insights, will drastically change the way in which you stay up to date with your local market. 

Your inventory turn ratio and your competitor’s at a glance and many more features:

  • Monitor your competitor’s inventory
  • Better advertising decisions
  • Track competitor inventory movement
  • Easy access to inventory information

The cool part is that CF Search Marketing offers Inventory Insights as a month-to-month no-contract option, as low as 149/month.

Contact us now for more information and unlock unprecedented access to inventory intel today!