Car Dealers Find Success With These 3 Services by CF

The NADA show in January was once again a success for CF Search Marketing and Carrera Advertising, with hundreds of dealers’ representatives from all over the country packing the booth for a demo of some of the most sought-after services in automotive digital marketing. Signaling the success of CF Search Marketing’s offers were new client sign-ups and a record number of campaigns activated in the month of February. So let’s take a dive into the most requested CF services. These products have a track record of delivering a steady stream of leads without breaking the bank, allowing car dealerships to tackle the challenges of present and future in an ever-changing economical landscape.


ShopperID is an innovative tool that helps car dealerships generate leads from website visitors who have visited but subsequently left the website without engaging with it. Based on users’ behavior on the website, ShopperID analyzes and collects data that works with CF Search Marketing’s ad platforms to create and deliver hyper-relevant ads and offers to the leads, with re-engagement rates of up to 40%. ShopperID also integrates with the dealer’s CRM to deliver leads with details such as source, offer(s) received, URL(s) visited, vehicles viewed, location events, and more.

Leveraging advanced retargeting techniques to display targeted ads to visitors who have previously visited the website but did not take any action has proven to work for many dealers since the tool’s inception in 2020, significantly improving the overall ROI of their marketing efforts, so it’s no wonder how ShopperID is still one of the hottest offerings in automotive digital marketing.


Inventory Insights, the newest service by CF Search Marketing, is a powerful inventory management tool that helps dealers stay hyper-relevant in their local market. The tool offers several key features that enable dealers to gain critical insights into their own inventory turn ratio, as well as track a competitor’s inventory and inventory movement. By tracking inventory turn ratio, dealers can understand how quickly their inventory is selling, allowing them to adjust offers, marketing, and sales strategies to maximize profits. An even more relevant feature is the ability to track a competitor’s inventory, allowing CF’s clients to gain insights into their neighbor’s offerings, pricing strategies, and overall market position, with the goal of remaining ahead of the competition. Finally, by tracking a competitor’s inventory movement, dealers can quickly identify which cars are selling well, ensuring they always have the vehicles customers are looking for. Overall, Inventory Insights is a comprehensive inventory management tool that helps dealers stay competitive in their local market by providing them with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their inventory and sales strategies.


Email marketing is now more than ever a cost-effective way for car dealers to reach sales goals and attract new customers. Targeted messages are the key to promoting new vehicles, after-sales services, upcoming sales events, and special offers. In fact, email marketing has been shown to have a higher return on investment (ROI) than other marketing channels, with an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent, according to a study by DMA.

With 94% of internet users stating that they still use email regularly in 2023, according to Hootsuite, eblasts are one the most relevant marketing tactics on the internet.

For car dealers, email marketing is a cost-effective way to maintain ongoing relationships with customers, with 80% of dealerships stating that email marketing is a critical part of their overall marketing strategy, according to a study by Automotive News. By keeping customers informed about new products and services, sales events, and special offers, car dealers can stay top-of-mind and increase the likelihood of repeat business. Overall, email marketing can help car dealers reach their sales goals, attract new customers, and maintain ongoing relationships with existing customers in a cost-effective way.

The “CF way” includes sending to highly-targeted in-market audiences that can be narrowed down based on several factors (such as lease expiration date, purchase history, credit and more …).

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