CF Search Marketing delivers above average results in 2021

The numbers are in and they don’t lie! CF Search Marketing has once again delivered above-average results for its clients in 2021. Across the board, our clients have registered unparalleled results without wasting a dime of their budget and, for car dealers in particular, have thrived during another tough year amid shortages, shipping delays, low inventory, and inflation.

The end-of-year analysis of our Social Media Management program show strong results for our clients. The aggregate data from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tells the story of 110.3 million total impressions registered on our clients’ social media pages and profiles, a whopping 100m more than the average impressions per account that utilizes the platform of our partners at Sprout Social. The number of posts published for our clients in 2021 was also an impressive result with 18,8k posts (compared to the 1.2k average) that kept engagements, leads and sales coming constantly through the entire year. 

Higher total impressions indicate solid brand presence, while quantity and quality of posts show how the CF Search Marketing experts have identified the content that resonates most with the public.