Preview: Google is The Disruptor You Were Looking For

Let’s face it, Google can help businesses in so many ways, but with so many targeting strategies and budgeting options it can be difficult to navigate its digital marketing platforms. That is where the experts at CF Search Marketing come into play, guaranteeing the best results for clients by leveraging their years of experience with Google products and services. CF Search Marketing wants you to be the disruptor in the ever-changing digital landscape and gain a powerful edge over competitors, even by reaching competition’s clients and dipping into their market share.

And now you have a great opportunity to better understand how display advertising works by participating in CF’s featured live session at Digital Dealer Tampa 2021. On Thursday June 10 at 11am, Kasia Wagner (V.P. of Sales at CF Search Marketing) and Christina Pikulas (Account Executive at Google) will cover in detail the many different aspects to consider when dealing with display advertising. The session will help participants in understanding all the display tactics and how to best implement them and, among other topics, understanding how much positive influence display advertising has when done correctly in filling the gaps in marketing plans.

Setting budgets, bids, custom audiences and optimizing campaigns won’t be abstract concepts anymore. Most importantly this session will cover the “How To” of reaching customers beyond those you are already targeting. 

With so much talk about Google and its platforms, and most importantly, about how Google can help businesses reach more customers it is of the utmost importance to have an in-depth understanding of the nuances of Display Advertising and how to take advantage of these powerful tools.

Plan your visit at Digital Dealer Tampa and schedule a meeting with our staff today!