Google Postpones Cookie Retirement

The digital marketing industry has prevailed … at least for a little while longer. The scheduled retirement of third-party cookies by Google has in fact been postponed to a three-month period starting in mid-2023, giving marketers almost two full years to continue their work with targeted ads based on Chrome’s third-party cookies. In plain terms, these cookies allow Google and digital marketing experts to create and publish ads based on the user’s browsing history. 

Part of the Privacy Sandbox initiative, the phasing out of third-party cookies is intended to strengthen user privacy while still allowing advertisers to offer targeted ads by way of anonymized group-targeting principles, with data collected from Google’s own services such as Youtube and Google Search. 

Google stated that, in order to achieve the Privacy Sandbox goals, “the web community needs to come together to develop a set of open standards to fundamentally enhance privacy on the web, giving people more transparency and greater control over how their data is used.” Thus the schedule to implement such standards and changes has been reviewed to move at a “responsible pace” that will allow “sufficient time for public discussion on the right solutions”.

The tech giant is indeed going through an in-depth public development process allowing marketers and developers to express their views and submit proposals. Any proposed change to the status quo is then rigorously tested allowing transparency and feedback throughout. Only after this testing process will the new features receive the go-ahead to be gradually implemented in Google’s products.

The Privacy Sandbox initiative has drawn some criticism over the years among digital marketing professionals. Some assert that the wide breadth of updates scheduled for the upcoming years will only strengthen Google’s grip on digital advertising while many analysts actually believe that marketers could benefit from the changes also allowing clients to lower their ad cost.

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