Tips To Make Your Website A Conversion Machine

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Tell me if any of these are true:

  • You have no clue how many people visit your website and don’t convert
  • You have no clue what your clients search for before deciding to buy
  • You don’t know which elements on your website are working and which don’t
  • You don’t know the path your customers follow to conversion
  • You don’t know where the leaks in the funnel are
  • Your market research to date has been your own knowledge of the industry, your personal experience, or some online searches

If any of these ring a bell, then this article is for you!


Let’s say you’re about to put together a marketing campaign because you need the phone to ring and the door to swing. Awesome! Where do you start?

For most people, they will do one of two things (and both of which are potential disasters). They will look through their previous marketing efforts and see what worked, examining very meticulously which methods returned the greatest impact. Most of the time, unless you’re using real intelligent tools (some advanced level of Google Analytics and Tag Manager, or a marketing software like ShopperID) this review is based on 100% personal perception and not actual fact. That means you’re looking for the best fruits in mediocre orchards, which aren’t going to amount to much. Instead, you should be spending your time planting the best possible seeds in the best possible soil that are in the perfect conditions for what you’re hoping to grow down the road.

“We sent a massive mailer, shared a bunch of stuff on Facebook, increased our spend on Google, sent a conquest email and right around then we had an uptick in sales calls.”

Oh really? You did? That’s kind of nice.

What you aren’t seeing is the actual data tied to your efforts. What did you share? When did you share it? How many page views did it generate? How many conversions on your site did you receive, so you can remarket to those interested people? 

The reason these strategies typically fail, or at best, produce average results, is because they are not based on your clients’ needs in any way, and are based on what you want to do. Exploring what you’ve done in the past is actually a crucial point in reviewing your marketing plan, but I can tell you right now if you did NOT perform a data-driven (not just perceived) market research you may be wasting your time… and money. 


By the same token, say your shopper is looking for the make, model, trim, and color of a vehicle you have in inventory, but they also need to be able to research and engage on your website and through your marketing channels. There are tons of dealerships that have what the shopper needs out there… but is your dealer presented as the solution that does 100% what they need?

First off, if your marketing agency isn’t targeting the right keywords or the right adjectives, they won’t find you at all, so that sucks. The shopper does a quick search and finds a possible fit. They click on the link, and the site is ugly or confusing. The messaging is weak and doesn’t exactly answer the shopper’s questions (expectation), so they’re still trying to figure out if you are even a good fit. The only call to action is to get on the phone for a pushy approach, but because they’re at work or busy they don’t really want to talk to anyone, they prefer to complete as much as they can ONLINE. So what does the shopper do? He leaves the site.

Perfect client. Sorry we missed you. I hope you come back someday, but guess what? I’ll have no clue because I wasn’t able to capture your information (or your attention), anyway.

That dealership literally had the perfect client come willingly to their site, and they threw it away. Sadness. 

Don’t be like those guys.


Boom. Excellent question. I thought you’d never ask!

The best thing you can do is do some website research (FREE Audit). Find out the performance of your current marketing and website. Heck, you don’t even have to call it that. But that’s a great starting point.

On our part, we perform user testing, SEO analysis, Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Social Media, heat map tracking, among other research methods… you get the point! (Start here with a FREE Audit). Now that’s some intense analysis, right there.

We then ask ourselves “out of all the information we just gathered, what are the biggest opportunities, red flags, or challenges that all this data has given us,” and we turn that into the topic of our campaign. We spend roughly two weeks analyzing and synthesizing the information into messaging hierarchy and valuable components that need to be examined – both, by us, and by your team. Furthermore, we’re not just doing this so that you have something you can use down the road; we’re doing this so you can be aware of what your clients actually need from you now.

Sounds busy right? We’ve got it down to a science – which is funny – because it really is. And the best part, we are professional, reliable, and trusted by top dealerships and OEMs. In business since 2007 and growing strong. Our team is composed of seasoned experts in the automotive vertical. Our proprietary software suite AdGen along with ShopperID are the most powerful and dynamic advertising management, analytical, and intelligence tools in the market.