Social Media Tips You Need To Implement Right Now!

Special offers, squeaky clean cars, the beautiful interior of your showroom. You’ve been posting these images on your social profiles for a very long time. But do they still do the trick? Do they bring interested customers into your store? Or are these posts just another blip in the infinite scroll reality of today’s social media?

Furthermore, how do you verify if a post or an entire social media campaign brings the desired results? Does someone in your dealership have the expertise to interpret the complex data of internet analytics and reports?

You come in contact with thousands of pieces of new content every day and an almost unimaginable number of blog posts, articles, and ads that you don’t even know about are dumped on the web every single day in your industry alone. But what makes something interesting and engaging instead of dated and just the “same old”?


It might sound counterproductive at first, but studies have shown that internet users are more willing to read through the end of a business’ web page when they are learning about the Why vs the How. What does this mean? Don’t worry … it is far simpler than it sounds. It means that instead of continuously reiterating how you are going to provide the service (how fast you are, how convenient your special offers are …) you should explain what drives you to provide that exceptional customer service, why you do what you do. This is another chance to set yourself apart from the competition because your success journey is unique.

Describing the journey vs the selling can explain the difference between you and your competitors without having to over saturate your website and social media profiles with offers and pushy sales slogans. You have plenty of places (whether in the real world or in the virtual space) to advertise your offers, your attention to customer care, and the above-average results your dealership has gathered during the course of many years of business. At the same time, your blog, videos, and “about” page should tell a captivating story.


Following up on the trend of telling your prospective customers more about the why than the how, it is always a good idea to introduce your employees, highlighting their expertise and their personal stories. Getting to know a salesperson before meeting them in person makes the car buying process less intimidating for customers. A strong bio web page with high-quality pictures should do the trick but don’t be shy to post “employee spotlights” on your social media, also implementing videos of your team talking about their personal journey and showing around the dealership. 


Customers come to you to buy cars, but they have, almost certainly, researched the vehicles’ trims and options ahead of time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer your followers a few insights on the hottest models, their performance, and technology. You could even create test drive videos. More often than not, these videos posted on YouTube and other profiles reach social media users far beyond those interested in buying a car in the short term. That’s what it means, planning ahead and not forgetting about people higher up in your funnel. And with the power of online ads and retargeting, you can be sure that viewers and followers remain constantly in the loop of your dealership’s initiatives.

Talking about initiatives … in-person events are back and are always a great way to bring people into the store. Promote such events on social and traditional media with dedicated campaigns.


Customers want to find what they are looking for without the hassle of sitting down with a salesperson for hours. Car dealers now have another weapon in their arsenal thanks to Google. Google’s Cars for Sale is a way to show inventory feeds within a Google My Business profile. When a user’s search results find a dealer’s Google My Business listing, the user is able to search, filter, and learn more about current vehicles at that location. This feature is one more way to potentially direct customers to your dealership. CF can set you up with Google’s Cars for Sale and if you qualify you could be eligible for a full Free year of the service!

Just remember that all your efforts mean nothing without proper reporting and serious interpretation of the results. 

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