Website Audit: The Key to Optimization

Website audits are often considered one of the least important services of a digital marketing company. As such, many agencies do not even offer website audits altogether but, to be honest, there couldn’t be a more underrated service. In fact, website audits are a fundamental tool that more often than not allows to uncover issues (some hidden, some not) that have direct consequences on user experience and website authority.

Think about it. When was the last time you, not your website developer, but you business owner, had an in-depth look at your website? You might be updating blog posts, latest news and special offers on autopilot but it might well be a few years since the excitement of having a brand new website and wanting to work on the finest details has waned. 

But details are important now more than ever, particularly concerning links, tags and SEO elements that allow businesses to thrive in organic searches and increase online authority and popularity. 

You might be so used to seeing your website on a daily basis that you do not notice an oversize image, a broken link or even a major 404 Error on a certain page that puts years of hard work on SEO optimization in jeopardy. 

Is your website optimized for mobile? Are loading speeds creating issues for users? Does your website design drive traffic to Call-To-Actions buttons? These are some of the questions a professional website audit is able to answer and the experts at CF Search Marketing are able to further interpret the audit in order to suggest the important improvements that your website might need.

For car dealerships in particular the analysis focuses on new and used inventory, where the sales are generated. The in-depth analysis on these pages will provide powerful insights on the visibility and efficiency of Call To Actions, Special Offers and all other major content. When competition is so fierce, there is no time to waste when dealing with a partially broken website. 

Request your website audit today and start your digital marketing journey with CF Search Marketing!