Businesses thrive with Email Marketing

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Is email marketing still the most effective online marketing tool?

The short answer is yes! Monthly newsletters subscribers have risen steadily over the past few years pushing more and more companies to resort to email marketing as a primary tool for customer acquisition and retention. 

Recent studies by Content Marketing Institute claim that the majority of marketers prefer email marketing as a tool to convert leads, as it has been shown that more than 50% of customers are influenced by marketing and advertising email in their buying decisions. What stands out are also the impressive ROI numbers. For every $1 spent on email marketing businesses can make $42 in return. That’s a 4200% ROI! 

Another immensely important feature of Eblasts and email marketing is that companies are almost in complete control of what is going on. It is indeed true that recent privacy laws have affected the way marketers import and manage contact information, but compared to social media’s obscure algorithms and complex way of reporting, email marketing allows companies all but total control over delivery and reporting of the campaigns.

Furthermore Eblast automation allows for even more branding and personalized customer care. Automating emails when customers take predetermined actions means that businesses can show relevant content to the right audience at the right time and can stay connected beyond the sale, for instance, with welcome and thank you emails.

One of the most known features of email marketing, and as such one of the favorite aspects of this fast-growing tool by marketing professionals, is the ability to target audiences with extreme detail. Contact segmentation is yet another fundamental tool that businesses have used to create a more personal relationship with customers.

With so many aspects in favor of implementing a substantial use of Eblasts in your business, take advantage of our exclusive offer for new clients today!