Navigating the AI SEO Revolution: Chat GPT’s Role, Rules, and Future

AI in SEO: Chat GPT in action, generating keywords, schema markup, and content ideas.

The past year’s evolution of AI technology and its integration into various aspects of our lives has been an exciting time. But it has also left many questions about how to best benefit from it, as well as how to avoid any issues. This holds particularly true in the digital marketing world, which has been transformed in numerous ways from AI. If you’ve been wondering how to use Chat GPT for SEO, read on, as we go over some of the “do’s and don’ts” in your AI strategy.

Chat GPT vs Bard

First, it is important to understand the tools available to use, including the two AI chatbots – Chat GPT and Bard. Both are designed to be able to generate text that is coherent and relevant to a given prompt. The main difference between ChatGPT and Bard is the data source. While Chat GPT has been around longer and is more commonly used, Bard offers more real-time info. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to try them both out for different situations.

Get Help with Keyword Research and Content Ideas

A great way to make use of Chat GPT is to generate ideas for target keywords and content. In SEO, it is always important to expand upon the keywords your site ranks for. Make use of a chatbot by simply plugging in a few current words you are targeting and ask for related ones. You will quickly and efficiently get a new set of keywords to optimize for. The same goes for content ideas. For example, want to know what questions people are most asking about EVs? A chatbot can give you a great list of FAQs or topic ideas to base content pages on.

Use AI to Generate Schema Markup and Code

Schema markup allows search engines to better understand the information on the website it’s crawling and is part of SEO best practices. If you’d like to include Schema markup on your SEO content pages, but aren’t sure how, generative AI is a great way to get started. Simply ask Chat GPT to give you schema for your page subject, and it will offer various options to use. Other code can also be generated with an AI chatbot, so if you are stuck with some tricky HTML, Chat GPT can help!

Should Chatbots Be Used for Content Generation?

The short answer is no, you should not be relying solely on AI to write your content. Google’s spam guidelines warn against autogenerated content generated for the primary purpose of manipulating search rankings and not helping users. There is also risk with pure AI-generated content that it is incorrect. The last thing you want to do is to publish inaccurate info on your site. Furthermore, ChatGPT currently only stores online data up until 2021, so these results could potentially be outdated. If you do use Chat GPT to help with content, always make sure double-check for accuracy and quality.

The Future of SEO and AI

The wave of Generative AI came on fast, and continues to progress quickly. Here at CF Search Marketing, we are excited about what the future holds for AI in digital marketing. While we believe human-written content produces the best results in terms of SEO, using ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI tools correctly will hold a permanent place in marketing strategy. In summary:

3 Chat GPT Do’s
  • Discover new keywords
  • Get content and FAQs ideas
  • Get answers to coding questions and Schema
3 Chat GPT Don’ts
  • Assume Chat GPT text is always accurate or unbiased
  • Rely solely on mass produced AI-generated content
  • Don’t forget the importance of human-touch in your content