Display Advertising

We have been delivering high ROI display marketing solutions for auto Dealers since 2007. With our platform, our team has access to 97% of the WWW inventory due to our partnership with multiple ad networks, which include Google, AdBrite, Rubicon, PubMatic, RightMedia, and many others.

Display Features

CF Search Marketing develops a custom display strategy for our car Dealers. We have the ability to reach users on multiple touch-points that provide a seamless experience across devices. Our platform offers a holistic solution to reach relevant car shoppers on the channels that lead them to conversion.This includes one or more of the CF Search Marketing’s display product options:

  • Display Retargeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Contextual Retargeting
  • Interactive Inventory Ads
  • IP Targeting
  • CRM Targeting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Gmail Ads
  • GeoLOCK
  • ShopperID

We make sure Dealer campaigns are fully charged through our integrations with leading data providers and exclusive access to The Data Alliance. We utilize a closed-loop technology stack that includes an ad server, bidders, and data management tools.


GeoLOCK Technology allows dealerships to reach consumers as they enter specified areas of interest. We create virtual fences around your competitor’s locations and around your own dealership as a conversion zone to track how many people show up to your showroom. 


Make invisible customers visible and profitable!

ShopperID pixel technology is a patented solution that reveals who is on your website in real-time, the vehicles they viewed, and how long they viewed each page.

Our clients say? “It’s Caller ID on steroids for your website!”

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