Navigating the Election Year Noise: Strategies for Automotive Advertising Success

Election Year Strategies 2024 - CF Search Marketing

The 2024 election season is upon us, and with it comes a unique set of challenges for advertisers. Increased competition for ad space, rising costs, and the potential for pre-emptions can leave dealerships feeling lost in the noise. But fear not! Here’s a breakdown of the key factors to consider and strategies to adopt for successful automotive advertising during an election year from the our team at CF Search Marketing & our partner, Carrera Advertising

Understanding the Impact

  • Consumer Behavior: Studies suggest car buyers might postpone major purchases during election years due to economic uncertainty or political polarization. This highlights the need for adapting marketing strategies to maintain visibility and engagement.
  • Advertising Landscape: Traditional broadcast and print media become saturated with political ads, leading to increased competition and potential pre-emptions for dealership ads. This necessitates exploring alternative channels and flexible strategies.

Shifting Gears for Success

  • Embrace Streaming & OTT: With no pre-emption worries and hyper-targeted ad options vs. Cable & Broadcast Television, streaming platforms like ESPN (the #1 digital publisher in the US), Sling, Roku, Hulu, YoutubeTV, FuboTv and AppleTv offer powerful alternatives. Streaming allows dealerships to reach their target audience directly and consistently throughout the year without getting bumped for political ads!
  • Early Planning & Booking: Don’t wait until the election season is in full swing. Secure ad space early to ensure you get the inventory before it’s gone! For branding and awareness of your brand, getting in early ensures your dealership remains visible and captures attention throughout the year.
  • Flexibility & Monitoring: Be prepared to adapt your strategies as needed. Choose a partner that regularly monitors campaign performance and adjusts tactics based on performance.
  • Data-Driven Targeting: Utilize precise audience targeting techniques to reach the right customers regardless of political noise. This ensures your ad spend is effective and delivers the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Beyond the Buzzwords

  • Focus on Value, Not Hype: Avoid overly promotional messaging. Instead, highlight the value proposition of your dealership and the benefits customers receive by choosing you.
  • Community Engagement: Build trust and loyalty by engaging with your local community through sponsorships, events, or social media initiatives. This fosters positive brand perception and establishes your dealership as a trusted partner.
  • Content is King: Create informative and engaging content that educates potential buyers and positions your dealership as an expert in the automotive space. Blogs, social media posts, and video content are valuable tools for building brand awareness and trust.


While election years present challenges, they also offer opportunities for innovation and strategic adaptation. By understanding the impact of the political climate, embracing alternative advertising channels, and focusing on building genuine value, dealerships can navigate the noise and achieve success in this unique market landscape.

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