Reach your goals with Google Performance Max

CF Search Marketing - Google Performance Max Blog 2022

With the launch of Performance Max, Google has once again disrupted the digital marketing industry by promising (and very quickly delivering) products that increase leads and sales for users and give that unwavering edge in the ever-more competitive online marketplace.

You might have noticed a slight change in what you used to know as Local Ads. These Local Campaigns have in fact been replaced by the new Google Performance Max. As a top-tier digital marketing agency, CF Search Marketing has already adjusted its managed campaigns, and enrolled clients have just to sit back and let the campaign deliver leads and sales. New CF clients can rest assured that our experts can set up a Performance Max campaign that works from day one at one of the lowest enrollment and management fees in the industry.

Performance Max campaigns use a variety of images, short and long headlines, descriptions, logo, and either a video provided by the client or a Google generated video when possible to show ads across Youtube, Gmail, Search, Discovery, and Display. A Google generated video is one that is made using the assets we’ve already provided such as the various images, headlines, and descriptions. This will allows us to run the Performance Max campaigns without any video from the dealer or we can start running the campaigns right away and add in the dealer video later.

One of the most important aspects of a Google Performance Max campaign is that it is a goal-based campaign type that uses machine learning to serve audiences a relevant ad with an optimal bid to maximize campaign performance. To ensure that campaigns are optimized to drive the best ROI through automation, the experts at CF Search Marketing will guide dealers through the setup, making it simple to get started and reach the client’s goals. Conversion Goals include Online Sales, Lead Generation, and Offline Sales. 

We suggest that dealers select to run Performace Max campaign alongside other core campaigns and marketing services offered by CF Search. This will ensure that the advertised products reach a broad audience making for a quicker and simpler conversion of the dealer’s goals. And let’s not forget the trick of the trade: all Google campaigns (whether PPC, Display, or Performance Max) deliver better results when working in conjunction with each other.

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