Google Ads Just Got Smarter: Introducing Brand Recommendations for Boosting Brand Awareness

CF Search Marketing - Google AI Brand Recommendation

At CF Search Marketing, we stay on top of the latest advancements in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, especially when it comes to Google Ads. This ensures we can deliver the best possible results for our clients’ brand awareness campaigns. That’s why we’re excited to share news about a powerful new development: Brand Recommendations powered by Google AI.

Google has just announced an exciting new development powered by Google AI. Brand Recommendations are tailored for awareness and consideration campaigns and will be featured in the recommendations section in Google Ads. Brand Recommendations analyze an advertiser’s Google Ads history, campaign settings and industry trends to automatically surface ways to improve brand campaign performance and effectiveness.

Google real time AI automatically generates recommendations to help advertisers improve the effectiveness and performance of their campaigns. These recommendations can introduce new and relevant features to achieve the goals of the campaigns better, and they are customized to match the specific needs of each advertiser. Google is frequently updating these recommendations to adjust with the performance of the campaigns. The specific categories that are featured in Brand Recommendations include:

  • Ads & Assets – Help refine and create new ads and assets to help maximize performance.
  • Bidding & Budgets – Help to find the right bidding strategy to meet their business goals, and how related adjustments can help grow brand awareness or increase market share by attracting new customers.
  • Keywords & Targeting – Help advertisers reach more people who are interested in what they offer.
  • Measurement – Help unlock additional reporting features that can give advertisers better insights into campaign performance.


These recommendations are useful tools for advertisers to optimize their campaigns and boost performance while staying in alignment with their specific goals. It is important to continually check Brand Recommendations as Google is constantly learning about what works best within an advertiser’s account. For brand marketers looking to stay ahead, these automated, insight-surfacing recommendations could provide an easy way to regularly access Google’s latest best practices.

By utilizing these new recommendations, advertisers will be able to stand out and work with Google to serve the audiences that they are striving to target. You also have the ability to automatically apply recommendations to help streamline the account management process and make efficient and effective changes.

2024 Google Brand Recomendations


Why are Brand Recommendations Beneficial?
Here’s some questions you might ask yourself.

  • Q: How much time will I save using Brand Recommendations?
    A: By automating tasks and suggesting optimizations, Brand Recommendations can free up significant time you’d otherwise spend on manual adjustments. This allows you to focus on strategic marketing initiatives and creative development.

  • Q: Are Brand Recommendations difficult to use?
    A: No! Brand Recommendations are designed to be user-friendly. They are readily available within your Google Ads account, and you can choose to implement them automatically or review them before applying.

  • Q: What if I’m new to Google Ads?
    A: Brand Recommendations are particularly helpful for beginners. They offer clear guidance and best practices to optimize your campaigns, even with limited experience.

Unleash the power of Google AI for your brand awareness campaigns! Leverage Brand Recommendations to streamline optimization, improve performance, and achieve your marketing goals.

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