Revolutionize Advertising

Unleashing Machine Learning for Goal-Based Campaigns

With the launch of Performance Max (formerly known as Local Ads), Google has once again delivered a product that increases leads and sales for users and gives an unwavering edge in the ever-more competitive online marketplace. The long-lasting relationship between CF Search Marketing and Google, and the automotive expertise of CF's professionals, means that campaign optimization and unbeatable results are at the forefront of the client-agency relationship, without any waste of time and resources.

A goal-based campaign type that uses machine learning to serve audiences a relevant ad with an optimal bid to maximize campaign performance.

Performance Max campaigns use a variety of images, short and long headlines, descriptions, logos, and either a video provided by the client or a Google-generated video to show ads across Youtube, Display, Search, Gmail, Discover, Maps and Shopping. A Google-generated video is one that is made using the assets the client has provided such as various images, headlines, and descriptions.

It’s all about optimization

  • Performance Max ads are optimized differently than regular Display or PPC ads
  • Powered by machine learning
  • See your ads across multiple Google products
  • Unlock new audiences
  • Drive better results against your goals
  • More flexibility
  • No waste of money or resources

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