Navigating the CDK Global Outage: How ShopperID from CF Search Marketing Can Keep Your Dealership Running

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CDK Global’s recent cyberattack has left many car dealerships across the U.S. grappling with significant disruptions. Nearly two weeks after the attack, some of CDK’s software services remain non-functional. The company has assured that full access to their dealer management platform should be restored by July 4. However, this means that many businesses will continue to face operational challenges for several more days. In light of this, it’s essential to explore alternative solutions for maintaining lead management and customer interactions. ShopperID from CF Search Marketing offers a reliable lifeline during such crises.

The Impact of the CDK Outage

The cyberattack on CDK has caused major disruptions in lead management and communication for numerous dealerships. With the dealer management system down, the flow of leads—critical for sales operations—has been severely impacted. Ensuring continuity during such downtimes is crucial to avoid missed opportunities and revenue losses.

ShopperID: Your Backup Plan

ShopperID from CF Search Marketing can help your dealership maintain lead delivery and management despite the CDK outage. Here’s how:

Accessing Lead Delivery Receipts
To keep track of all the leads delivered in the last 60 days, use the Lead Delivery Receipts feature. This allows you to export a listing of all leads, ensuring you have a record for follow-up. Navigate to: Settings -> Site Information -> Leads & Notifications

Setting Up Lead Routing
Leads can be routed to standard email addresses or delivered via SMS text. Here’s a quick setup guide:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Site Information -> Leads

2. Keep CDK-Based Routing in Place: DO NOT UPDATE OR DELETE THE EXISTING CDK LEAD ROUTING. This ensures that any leads sent during the downtime will still be processed once CDK resumes service.

3. Route to Non-CRM Address: Select “ALL” for “applies to,” enter the email address, and select “TEXT” as the lead format. This ensures continuous lead delivery despite the CDK outage.

When delivered, the emailed lead will look like this and contain a link to the shopper profile.

SMS Lead Delivery
Routing leads to be delivered via text message follows a similar process:

1. Add the phone number

2. Choose SMS as the format

Include the CDK CRM address as one of the lead delivery methods so that once CDK is operational again, leads will automatically go to the right place.

Special Note on Custom Audiences

If you have custom audiences that include service leads (e.g., offers serving New, Used, CPO, and Service shoppers), an additional step is required. Add “Service” as the delivery type in addition to “ALL” (enter the same email address/phone number twice: once for ALL and once for SERVICE).

Reaching Out for Support

CF Search Marketing is committed to supporting dealerships during this downtime. If you need help doing any of this please reach out to your Account Executive. If you do not currently have ShopperID in place, now is the perfect time to explore this technology. For a demo, please reach out to


In times of crisis, having a reliable backup plan is essential. ShopperID from CF Search Marketing offers a robust solution to ensure your dealership continues to receive and manage leads effectively, even amidst the CDK outage. By following the steps outlined above, you can maintain operational continuity and avoid missed opportunities. Stay proactive and ensure your dealership is always prepared for any disruption.