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Unlock the Power of Paid Search Advertising with CF Search Marketing

CF Search Marketing is a pioneer when it comes to paid search advertising. Utilizing best practices while taking advantage of the latest products that paid search has to offer, including our very own AdGen suite of automotive SEM tools and Inventory Insights.

We ensure clients will increase their relative traffic, delivering qualified leads and a strong ROI. Innovation, transparency and attention to detail.

We Deliver Best in Class Customer Service! At CF Search Marketing, service is key. Each client has a designated Digital Account Manager, ensuring top-notch service. We provide 24/7 customer service. We are here for you!

Why Choose CF Search Marketing for Paid Search Advertising?

Drive Targeted Traffic

We ensure our clients experience a significant boost in relative traffic, resulting in a higher influx of qualified leads and a robust return on investment (ROI).

Innovation & Transparency

Innovation is at the core of our approach, coupled with unwavering transparency. We believe in providing you with a clear view of your campaigns’ intricacies.

Best in Class Customer Service

Service is our key differentiator. Each client is assigned a dedicated Digital Account Manager to ensure top-notch support. Our commitment extends to providing 24/7 customer service. We’re here for you!

CF Search Marketing PPC for Automotive SEM

Optimize Your Budget for Maximum Returns

Our strategy is designed to maximize your ROI by achieving remarkably low CPCs and CPAs. We utilize dynamic landing pages, dynamic inventory, and smart bidding techniques to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Leveraging Google’s Latest Products

We harness the full potential of Google’s latest offerings. Our GA Certified Team ensures seamless integration with Google Analytics, providing you with valuable data-driven insights.
Your Competitive Edge


Experience the competitive advantage of our proprietary AdGen technology. It empowers you with:


Our proprietary, in-house PPC management system is developed specifically for your dealership's paid search campaigns

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Having a relevant landing page is a key part of our strategy for automotive PPC. It provides a boost to quality score, which lowers cost-per-click (CPC)

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AdGen CI

Knowledge of your market is crucial in PPC. AdGen CI compares and analyzes keywords, ad copy and ad extensions to improve competitive intelligence

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CS Search Marketing Tech - Inventory Insights

Inventory Insights

Receive data-driven insights & analytics not only on your inventory but also on your competitors'. Explore the technology included for free with our full-service clients, Inventory Insights.

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CF Search Marketing Partnership - Google Premier 2024

Google Ads Certified Account Managers

Our team of certified account managers possesses the expertise to optimize your Google Ads campaigns for exceptional results.

Complete Transparency

We believe in transparency, and our clients own their Google Analytics accounts. Experience GA-integrated traffic and lead tracking for a comprehensive view of your campaigns.

Quality Over Quantity

Our focus is on the quality of clicks, not just the quantity. We provide fully managed programs that consistently generate a high ROI for our clients.


Elevate your digital advertising strategy with CF Search Marketing. Discover how our paid search advertising services can drive your business forward.