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CF Search Marketing is a pioneer when it comes to paid search advertising. Utilizing best practices while taking advantage of the latest products that paid search has to offer, including our very on AdGen suite of automotive SEM tools.

We ensure clients will increase their relative traffic, delivering qualified leads and a strong ROI. Innovation, transparency and attention to detail.

We Deliver Best in Class Customer Service! At CF Search Marketing, service is key. Each client has a designated Digital Account Manager, ensuring top-notch service. We provide 24/7 customer service. We are here for you!


Our AdGen suite is one of the most powerful and dynamic sets of management, analytical, and intelligence programs on the market. Learn more below how it can put you ahead of your competition today!


Our proprietary, in-house PPC management system is developed specifically for your dealership's paid search campaigns


Having a relevant landing page is a key part of our strategy for automotive PPC. It provides a boost to quality score, which lowers cost-per-click (CPC)

AdGen CI

Knowledge of your market is crucial in PPC. AdGen CI compares and analyzes keywords, ad copy and ad extensions to improve competitive intelligence

Our focus is on the QUALITY of clicks, not JUST quantity of clicks! We provide complete, fully managed programs for paid search advertising which generates a high ROI for our clients. 

Our own AdGen Software is the most POWERFUL Paid Search management system on the market!

The AdGen Relevant Dynamic Landing Pages provide a boost to Quality Score, which lowers CPCs and increases leads.

The AdGen Competitive Intelligence compares and analyzes keywords, ad copy and extensions to make sure your Paid Ads are the best ads on Google. 

  • Bid Optimizer shown to reduce CPCs up to 20%
  • CPC & Cost Per Lead significantly lower than the competition
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Google AdWords Certified Account Managers
  • Full use of Google Ad Extensions
  • 100% Transparency - clients own their GA accounts
  • GA integrated traffic and lead tracking
  • Campaigns for New, Used, Fixed Op's, Commercial and more

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