Facebook & Instagram Post Boosting, Is Your Business Leaving Impressions, Clicks, Or Conversions On The Table?

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What is Meta Post Boosting? 

Post boosting is when a business pays to advertise organic content in order to increase Reach, Impressions and other metrics. Meta allows businesses to boost posts directly through the mobile apps for Facebook and Instagram if a user manage a Facebook business page or Instagram business account. The feature was created and tailored to small businesses so that they could create ads efficiently on their own. As such, the experience is super simplistic and most social media advertisers will notice many of the options they’re used to seeing in Meta Ads Manager are missing from this workflow. 

Apple App Store Updates

Businesses may have noticed the cost of their boosted posts may have increased in February compared to previous months. Sure, businesses may have paid the same amount in February as they did in January, but if they set up their ads using an IOS device, they lost 30% of their budget to Apple App Store fees, right off the top. Meta explained the change in a recent help article. Basically, what it boils down to is that if a business user boosts a post using any of the Meta Apps on an IOS device, they will incur a 30% fee plus any applicable taxes that Meta pays directly to Apple to comply with their app store policies. 

Impacts of Extra App Store Fees

As a Business Owner, General Manager, or Internet Manager of a small to medium sized business, knowing the impacts these fees could have on ad performance is of paramount importance. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll use nice round numbers. 

Let’s say in January, ABC Dealership spent $500 in post boosting, and generated the following:

  • 500,000 impressions
  • 250 clicks
  • 20 conversions

All things being equal, that same campaign in February will generate:

  • 350,000 impressions
  • 175 clicks
  • 14 conversions

All the while, ABC Dealership is still paying $500 for that campaign. 

Keep Boosting Without the Extra Fees

Fortunately for businesses that want to continue running their own ad campaigns, there are several ways around the Apple App Store fees. In all likelihood, Apple will make updates to their policies in order to prevent some of these methods. At the time of writing this blog post, the below methods will work. 

Method 1: Boost Content From facebook.com.

Visit facebook.com on desktop or a mobile device, utilizing a mobile web browser. Boosting from facebook.com will give businesses the same features as boosting from the mobile app. 

Method 2: Add Prepaid Funds to Business Ad Account From Payment Settings

Again, utilizing a desktop computer or mobile device with a web browser, visit facebook.com. 

If a business has never utilized their ad account outside of boosting posts directly from the page, this may be more challenging, but here’s the quick how-to. Near the top right of the newsfeed, there’s a menu which will either have 9 small squares or may be stacked, like a hamburger menu, depending on zoom percentage. The ads manager option will be located under the ‘Professional’ subsection within this menu. 

Once Ads Manager is open, on the left side of the screen, there will be an expandable menu with more options. Look for payment options. There, businesses can add ‘prepaid funds’ thus avoiding the Apple App Store fees, and still boost their posts from their mobile app. For more on prepaid funds, visit this help article from Meta

Method 3: Boost content from Meta Business Suite

Oddly enough, utilizing the Meta Business Suite mobile App to boost business posts will not incur Apple App Store fees, for now. Meta business suite is a separate app from Facebook or Instagram for mobile. Of course, businesses can also boost directly from Meta Business Suite on the web as well if they prefer that method. 

Method 4: Create ads from Meta Ads Manager

While there is a steeper learning curve than some of the other options, leveraging ads manager is the preferred method to setting up Meta advertisements. We will talk a little about that in the following section, and Ads Manager may not be right for every business. It offers a more advanced experience for marketers. 

Post Boosting Compared to Ads Manager

The features that make boosting great for small business owners looking for a simplified experience and small budgets, make it inadequate for SMBs with larger budgets or businesses with marketing personnel in-house. Depending on the type of post a business boosts and what goal is selected, businesses only get a single high-level metric in the report, in addition to a handful of other metrics. As an example, posts with an image or text will count post engagements, or ‘The total number of actions that people take involving your ads.’ If businesses wanted to get more granular with the reporting, it would be much more difficult to do through boosted posts. 

Conversely, in ads manager, advertisers can select an existing post as a creative or create an unpublished post. Let’s assume the same post is utilized as the above example with the same campaign goal, in Ads Manager these are called objectives. Regardless of the objective, and post, businesses can create custom views or leverage pre-created templates to get more in-depth insights on how certain ads performed. 

In addition, the control advertisers have when utilizing Ads Manager versus boosting posts is night and day. 

Here is a run down of the post boosting features: 

  • Choose a Goal
  • Select locations
  • Create & Save Audiences, Demographics and Interests
  • Set an ad schedule 

Within Ads Manager, here are just a few of the features we love to utilize for our clients: 

  • Campaign Objectives
  • Campaign Schedules
  • Select placements and filter placement inventory 
  • Additional Custom Audience Features
  • Create unpublished posts to target specific audiences
  • Run A/B tests
  • Schedule ads to deliver at specific times during the day or days of the week
  • Pixel Tracking & Reporting
  • Custom Reports for more in-depth analysis


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