Automotive SEO

With proprietary software, we are able to optimize for hundreds of phrases for all categories of automotive search. As a result, our dealers dominate Google faster! We will grow your organic traffic, which is the best quality traffic you can get!

At CF Search we understand there is a lot involved with developing an SEO Strategy for the automotive industry, and we have successfully done so for nearly 13 years. Our team of SEO experts take their time to fully audit every client’s on-page and off-page optimization for every major search engine (Google, Bing & Yahoo).

This task is done so we can provide each client with a personalized SEO strategy. Now if you couple that with our proprietary software, CF Search has all the tools to help your dealer brand adapt and improve organically so you can truly dominate your competitors in search results.

What is Defensive SEO?


    We dissect every backlink and referring domain to website.

    Constant submission of any newly found bad backlinks to Google’s Disavow File

    Improve how Google fetches and crawls your dealership site, Address crawl errors, and submit updated sitemaps.

    Address issues with your dealership site that might be leading to a higher bounce rate, less pageviews, or poor mobile website load time.

Local SEO

This includes Google My Business, Yext, and Community Outreach Pages. We will ensure your information is consistent and correct.

Technical SEO

Auditing for broken links, META optimization, navigation optimization, general UX. We will include schema or structured data markup with your content pages. Doing so will make it easier for Google to gather and rank your content.

Content SEO

Adopt a content strategy that includes a balanced diet of common and uncommon keywords. We will perform keyword research & tracking. You will receive unique & relevant content, which allows site to expand keyword growth as well as traffic.

Conversational SEO

Voice or conversational search has grown a lot in the last couple of years through the use of mobile, and now virtual assistant devices like Google Assistant and Alexa. We will write content that is conversational with plenty of questions and answers to help rank for less competitive voice search phrases.