We would like to think that a visitor clicks an ad or finds your website, and immediately converts into a sale or lead. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

Today, people will visit your website and other touchpoints several times. They'll find your website, leave your website (and hopefully come back), visit OEM sites, sometimes 3rd party websites, click on an ad... Then, they will finally convert!

So the question is:

How many thousands of visitors do you get to your website monthly?

How many leads are you getting?

Did they convert into a sale?

If so, which marketing channel gets the credit? Was your website responsible for the sale? Or was it your Facebook ad?

Don't Miss Another Opportunity!

With ShopperID you can now enhance your marketing, increase lead capture and sales & get true ROI data.

Full dashboard reporting with sales attribution available.

  How it works

User Behavior & Data Collection

ShopperID analyzes behavior in real-time on your website and predicts the probability to convert

Strategic & Smart Ads

Based on the data captured ShopperID and our ad platforms will start delivering in real-time hyper-relevant offers to your website visitors

Fully-managed & True ROI

ShopperID offers comprehensive reporting and true ROI data, sales attribution built for a post cookie world




Get real-time actionable web-analytics and reporting. With ShopperID you can see, segment and reconnect with individual shoppers that have left your website.

Next level conversions and lead generation when you engage with your web visitors with personalized, relevant and unique incentives based on their behavior, interests and intent.

Re-engagement rates of up to 40%. What an opportunity!



Live View - Shopper ID
Audience Heatmap - ShopperID

Audience Heatmap 

AudienceScore heatmap by zip code for the selected audience.

With ShopperID you can track, score, analyze and target specific audiences and take your conversions to a higher level.

Quick stats for the amount and quality of the traffic to your website.

Summary statistics for your website visitors engaged by the ShopperID platform and more.


Robust Leads & Conversions 

ShopperID integrates with your CRM to deliver the most detailed leads with details such as source, offer(s) received, url(s) visited, vehicles viewed, location events and more.

Receive quick stats for the amount and quality of the traffic to your website along with a summary for the visitors engaged by the ShopperID platform. Know how many offers were shown to visitors, across all channels, for your selected date range and more.

Rich data you can actually act on. Take conversions to the next level!


Shopper ID - Live View

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