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Introducing ShopperID

Your Re-engagement & Audience Identification Platform

Auto shoppers submit a lead only 2% of the time. Do you have a strategy for the other 98%? ShopperID is your Audience Data Solution.
ShopperID is a Re-engagement & Audience Identification Platform that helps you create leads and sales today while optimizing 1st party advertising tomorrow.
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How It Works - Our Simple 4-Step Process

CF Search Marketing - ShopperID Collect

1. Collect

Identify and build audiences from all your website shoppers. Gather essential data such as mailing addresses, shopper names, email addresses, and verified cell phone numbers. Understand what they want, whether it’s a new car, used car, or service, and when they’re ready to buy.

2. Engage

Re-engage unconverted shoppers with personalized offers, mobile-optimized tools, and dynamic email campaigns. Our emails typically result in a return rate of 2.5 times to the website and clients see up to 40% re-engagement rates.

CF Search Marketing - ShopperID Engage
CF Search Marketing - ShopperID Convert

3. Convert

Turn anonymous website traffic into qualified leads for your CRM, thanks to verified cell numbers and a proprietary “One-Tap” SMS opt-in. Gain insights into who’s shopping, what they’re interested in, and when they intend to make a purchase.

4. Activate

Transform unconverted website traffic into first-party audience strategies. Activate your 1st party data across multiple ad platforms, enhancing overall performance and reducing reliance on 3rd party audiences. 

CF Search Marketing - ShopperID Activate

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