Through Social Advertising, we've helped dealers exceed their sales expectations through brand recall and awareness, qualified low-funnel traffic, and increasing leads.

By leveraging Social Media Advertising, dealers can get more people into their sales funnel earlier, perhaps even dipping into their competitors’ market share, to increase conversions down the funnel. An active social strategy is more than just keeping up — the opportunities are practically endless to reach new leads, draw people to your dealership, and increase sales. Social media posts create a more personal, lower-pressure engagement that makes people feel like part of the process rather than a target.

Our strategies ensure our dealers appear in front of people in premium ad placements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and TikTok when they are most relevant to them. 



  • Increase the number of sales opportunities
  • Move aged inventory off the lot and into customer driveways
  • Drum up interest for new car incentives and offers




Reengage previous website visitors with vehicles they have already viewed.

 Ad Features:

  • All cards link directly to VDP pages, no redirects, or broken links!
  • Price and Sale Event Logo Overlays:
    • Sale Event Logos swapped at end of sale event
    • Price Overlays update automatically with feed


Reach new customers who have not yet visited the website with new or pre-owned vehicle specials.

 Ad Features:

  • Price and Sale Event Logo Overlays:
    • Sale Event Logos swapped at end of sale event
    • Price Overlays update automatically with feed
  • All cards link directly to VDP pages, no redirects, or broken links!
  • Feature current offers or incentives for new vehicles
  • Push longest-on-lot inventory
  • Can feature optional intro card:
    • Link to info about shopping online
    • Link to inventory / disclaimer for offer
  • Feature a “Why Buy” or dealership value statement:
    • Showcase why consumer should buy from dealer
  • Features map card at end of carousel

Lead Generation:

With the help of our data partners, we can target market intenders with relevant offers that link to a Facebook short form. 

Ad Features:

  • Available in Static, Video, and Carousel Creative Formats
  • Can use dynamic inventory to obtain VIN-Specific leads
  • Leads bridged, and supported by us, to dealer CRM at no extra cost
  • Feature new vehicle incentives or offers, flip aged pre-owned inventory, or advertise credit opportunities

Website Traffic / Conversions:

Drive traffic to your site and increase VDPs, SRP’s, and Leads.

 Ad Features:

  • Supported formats:
    • *Auto Inventory Ads - On Facebook Placement Supported
    • *Static - Single Image
    • Video - use of video as the creative
    • *Carousel - feature multiple images and/or videos
    • Slideshow - add motion to a static image
    • *Collections - feature inventory from dealer websites in a user-unique experience; can be model-specific and feature offers
  • Optimized for lower funnel events such as VDPs, SRPs, and Leads
  • Features map card at end of carousel
  • Ideal for new vehicle, service, and parts initiatives
  • Leverage data from our trusted data partners to reach the most relevant audiences

Facebook & Instagram Video:

Reach Facebook and Instagram users with Video advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Video on Facebook is a low-cost alternative to YouTube and connected TV with most campaigns generating lower CPM with similar view time and view percentage.

We integrate with your inventory feed to display relevant inventory in a mobile-first landing page environment, by leveraging the Facebook Collection Ad format.

 Ad Features:

  • Custom Video Creation available
  • Single video per creative. 1:1 and 1.9:1 supported
  • Call to Action with relevant Headline
  • Links to mobile-first landing page with relevant inventory, specific to video creative or offer



Our Social Media ads strategies now feature TikTok ads. TikTok ads engage with exciting videos and captivating text placements. Get your message out while entertaining users of the platform. Reach a younger audience with a message tailored for the platform, advertise your specials, and have users reach a personalized landing page.


Data for Audiences Building

The right audience to improve delivery and relevance of an ad. Contact our sales team for full audience details, featured are a few example audiences’ profiles below:

  • Brand Loyalists and Super Loyalists
  • Brand Nomads and Defectors (Conquest)
  • Vehicle Segments (Economy/Compact, SUV, Crossover, Pickup, etc.)
  • Lifestyles (New Parents, Recent Grads, Upcoming Birthday, Car Accident, etc.)
  • Aftermarket Behaviors (Frequent Spender, High Spender, Owners of specific brands, etc.)

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