Social Media Marketing

CF Search Marketing offers social media advertising strategies to help dealers drive qualified traffic to their websites, leads to their CRM’s, raise awareness, and increase market share. Our optimization and bidding strategies are targeted, data-driven and ensure optimal relevant reach and impressions.

We offer a fully custom Facebook advertising solution. Leveraging Facebook’s integrated Polk data, you can get your message to a specific audience better than any other media source. Facebook can also generate leads which are sent directly to your CRM. 

Why Advertise on Social Media?


Through Facebook Advertising, we’ve helped Dealers increase reach, brand awareness, and have driven both CRM and foot traffic to our dealer partners. While the primary objective of Facebook is to generate awareness and reach the most people in an area that are interested in the vehicles a dealer sells, dealers will also see an incremental increase in sales from Facebook.

By leveraging Facebook advertising, dealers can get more people into their sales funnel earlier, perhaps even dipping into their competitors’ market share, to increase conversions percentage down the funnel. Our strategies ensure our dealers appear in front of people in premium ad placements on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger when they need them. Our targeting will serve to people who are in market for a new vehicle at the right time. 


  • Retarget your existing database directly in their news feed
  • Profile potential Sales customers to deliver the right message at the right time
  • Increase new & used VDP views and sales with live inventory ads and actual photos!
  • Send leads directly into your CRM with our API interface

Facebook Dynamic Inventory

Dynamic Re-Targeting - Dynamic Prospecting -Spend by Product Report

Facebook Techonology

CRM Integration (Lead Gen) - Inventory Feed Creator