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Unlock the Power of Streaming TV/OTT Advertising

Welcome to CF Search Marketing's Streaming TV/OTT advertising solution, where your business can harness the full potential of advanced audience targeting. We empower you to deliver ads exclusively to in-market consumers, creating a personalized and engaging ad experience for viewers.

CF Search Marketing - Streaming TV & OTT
CF Search Marketing - Streaming TV & OTT Geo Targeting

Precision Targeting with Geo-Targeted Ads

We put the control in your hands with geo-targeted ads by Zip Code. Now, you can serve your ads specifically to consumers who are actively in-market to purchase. It’s all about reaching the right audience at the right time:
  • Geo-Targeted Ads: Pinpoint your audience’s location for hyper-local targeting.
  • Additional Filters: Segment your audience by age, income, or their vehicle of interest, ensuring your message resonates.

The CF Search Marketing Advantage

We are your Demand Side Platform (DSP) of choice, offering a host of benefits that set us apart:

  • Primary Marketplaces: We select the most effective channels for your campaign’s success.
  • Direct Access to Premium Inventory: Ensuring your ads appear in premium content.
  • Live Bidding Done In-House: Real-time optimization for maximum impact.
  • No Third-Party Vendors: Complete control and transparency.
  • Daily Inventory Optimization: We adapt to evolving viewer behavior.
  • Publisher Level Access: Access top-tier platforms like sling, Roku, Hulu, YouTube, ESPN, Fubo, AppleTV, and more.
  • OEM Exclusivity by Ad Break: Your message stands out, uncluttered by competitor ads.
  • Full Month-End Reporting: Comprehensive insights into your campaign’s performance.

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Elevate Your Advertising Strategy with Streaming TV/OTT

Ready to harness the power of precision advertising and engage your in-market audience on their terms? Contact us today to explore how CF Search Marketing’s Streaming TV/OTT solution can drive results for your business!