Unveiling ChatAI: Transforming Automotive Lead Conversion

Unveiling ChatAI with ShopperID - CF Search Marketing

In a groundbreaking collaboration between us here at CF Search Marketing and our strategic partner, Launch Labs, a revolutionary advancement has emerged: ChatAI, a pivotal addition to CF Search Marketing’s renowned software, ShopperID. This innovative feature heralds a new era in conversion technology, specifically tailored to optimize lead generation and appointment-setting processes within the automotive retail sector.

In today’s fiercely competitive automotive landscape, the significance of effective lead conversion cannot be overstated. Recent research from Shift Digital underscores this reality, revealing that leads originating from dealer websites boast a conversion rate four times higher than those from alternative sources. Recognizing this trend, dealerships are increasingly in pursuit of superior conversion tools to drive sales and outpace competitors.

Enter ShopperID, our platform long celebrated for its innovative conversion solutions. Noteworthy among its arsenal are Personalized Offers, colloquially known as Pop-Ups, and the Conversion Hub. Pop-Ups serve as digital equivalents to the coveted “End Caps” in traditional retail environments, offering dealerships an invaluable opportunity to showcase their most enticing offers. Meanwhile, the Conversion Hub adeptly captures leads across various stages of the purchasing journey, ensuring that no opportunity for conversion goes untapped.

Building upon this foundation of success, we and Launch Labs would like to proudly unveil ChatAI, a game-changing innovation poised to elevate lead conversion to unprecedented heights. What distinguishes ChatAI is its sophisticated SMS-based chat functionality, strategically engineered to engage converted leads and seamlessly guide them towards scheduling appointments. This automated system adeptly suggests appointment times, addresses customer inquiries in real-time, and tenaciously pursues appointment commitments until a definitive outcome is reached.

The results of ChatAI’s alpha testing phase, conducted over a span of ten weeks with participation from seven dealerships, speak volumes. Impressively, the average appointment set rate stood at 23%, with even the lowest weekly rate boasting a commendable 9%. These figures serve as a resounding testament to the efficacy of this cutting-edge technology in driving tangible results.

For those eager to delve deeper into ChatAI’s capabilities, Launch Labs has previously hosted a comprehensive webinar exploring its features and functionalities, available for instant replay. Gain valuable insights into how ChatAI seamlessly engages leads and drives conversions by watching the recorded webinar.

Connie Gundrum, our CMO at CF Search Marketing, expresses enthusiasm about the transformative potential of ChatAI: “With ChatAI, we’re equipping dealerships with the tools they need to convert leads more effectively and achieve greater sales success. We invite dealerships to jump on board as we innovate the automotive retail journey.”

As ChatAI enters its beta phase, the doors are open for dealerships to seize this opportunity and experience firsthand the transformative power of this pioneering technology. Registration for the beta trial is now available until Friday, May 31st. We are encouraging dealers to not miss out on the chance to redefine their conversion strategy and unlock unparalleled sales potential.

For further information about CF Search Marketing and ChatAI, contact us today or request a demo with ShopperID.