Video Advertising

Your website visitors who are shown a video ad are 70% more likely to convert to a lead. We deliver video ads to the ideal automotive audience.

Our platform reaches in-market automotive viewers as they watch video content across the web. Do you have a video message designed to engage your customers and get them emotionally connected?

6-sec/8-sec Bumper Video Ads

15-sec/30-sec Pre-rolls

Drone Footage & Production

Covid-19 Video Messaging

Video Advertising Capabilities:

  • Social Video Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • YouTube Pre-roll
  • CTV/OTT - through streaming platforms like ESPN, Hulu, Apple TV, and all Smart TVs
  • Video creation with customization
  • Campaign setup & management
  • Target by viewability & viewer player size
  • Create skippable and non-skippable messages
  • Plan for muted and unmuted viewing
  • Cross-channel advertising
  • In-stream video advertising
  • Our platform supports real-time bidding (RTB) and all video types: Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, In-stream video, :06, :15, and :30 second, Includes companion banners
  • Through our sister agency, Carrera Advertising – a nation-wide automotive traditional agency, we have a full video/audio production team

We create exciting and engaging video content tailored exclusively for your dealership. No other video provider can provide exclusive content like us!

Online Video is hyper-targeted so you can reach thousands of "In-Market Vehicle Shoppers" with pinpoint accuracy on Facebook and YouTube.