What is Google’s New SGE AI-Powered Search and How to Prepare for It

2023 Google SGE Blog

Google’s SGE (Search Generative Experience), is an AI integrated directly into the search engine. Currently in a Beta testing mode, it is expected to go live sometime next year. With this latest development in AI search, Google’s goal is to ‘take more of the work out of searching, so you’ll be able to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily.’  Here at CF Search we have invested the time to understand how SGE works, what impacts it may have, and how to best prepare for it. Read on to get our insights on the future of search.

How is SGE different from Bard or Chat GPT?

  • Unlike Bard or Chat GPT, SGE is an AI that is integrated into a search engine. 
  • SGE, along with answering the query, also provides top links to relevant sites.
  • SGE offers additional questions relevant to the search you can click on.
  • It has real-time info, as opposed to Chat GPT.


What is the Search Generative Experience like?

SGE is offering users a glimpse at how AI might look fully integrated into search in the future.  Currently, an SGE result is in the form of a box above all traditional organic search results and map packs. The left side of the result offers text that aims to answer the user’s query, with links to the original resource. If it is relevant to a local search there will be info similar to a map pack or what’s in a GBP listing. On the right side is the ‘Snapshot Carousel’ – where it offers a carousel of links to relevant sites. And at the bottom are additional questions you can click on

A screenshot of a search engine

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Will Organic traffic be lost when SGE goes live?

Here at CF Search Marketing, we share the concern in the industry about the future of organic traffic with an SGE-type environment. Because of the potential effects SGE will have on our clients, we have done extensive analysis and testing on the current Beta SGE. The bottom line is, with organic pushed down below the AI result as well as ads, it will be critical to rank in the SGE resource links.  While some of the strategies for SGE will be similar to classic organic optimization, ranking well for SGE will take an evolved and more advanced approach.

How to Get Traffic from SGE

Yes, there is the potential to lose a substantial amount of organic traffic, but there will absolutely be the opportunity to replace it with SGE traffic! How can a site get traffic from SGE? First off is ranking top 3 or 4 in the ‘carousel’ links. We expect a large portion of SGE traffic to come from those sources.  The second way is to be listed in the SGE dropdowns links on the left side of the result or in the ‘local pack’ when present. A third option is to be linked under one of the follow-up questions that SGE offers.

Top 5 Ways to Rank for SGE

With the possibility of Google SGE going live early next year, the time to prepare for its implication is now! Traditional search tactics and generic info aren’t going to cut it anymore. Here are a few key aspects that will be critical to rank for SGE:

  • Content 2.0: Rich, unique, and helpful content will continue to be a must, however it’s time to take it to the next level. By offering first-hand expertise, a unique experience, and high readability you will gain the authority needed to be represented in SGE results. 
  • Online Reputation: To provide accurate AI responses, Google will look to pull answers from reputable sites. By building a good online reputation, with a rep management strategy, positive reviews, and a social media presence, you can ensure that Google will consider you trustworthy. 
  • Site-wide Structured Data: Though Schema markup is not new, it’s even more important now than ever. Giving the AI every possible bit of info allows for a better understanding of the content and what searches it is relevant for. 
  • Answer Question-based Queries: Informational, long-tail queries are expected to gain prominence in SGE. To prepare, it will be crucial to understand questions users may be asking, to write content in a conversational tone, and to offer follow-up Q and A.
  • Technical Optimization: Prep for the SGE rollout by ensuring every aspect of your website is fully leveraged. This includes META data, image optimization, site speed and structure, and a top-notch UX. 

Get the Key to the Future of AI Search Success

Google claims the SGE experiment will end in December 2023. While there are many unknowns surrounding SGE, including when it will go live and what the final version of integrated-AI search will look like, CF Search has taken the steps to prepare. With unique SGE results analysis tools and testing, we have the key to unlock our clients’ AI Search visibility, ensuring the same success currently found with our traditional search strategies. Want to see what impact SGE could potentially have on your site and what can be done about it? Contact us today for free digital audit or ask us more on SGE!